Bayside Estoppel Info and Homes For Sale By Owner

Estoppel information may be obtained from the following two sources:

Noack Accounting                                                                           Bayside Estates Homeowners Inc 

Lisa    Latocke                                                                                 Office

12610 World Plaza Ln Unit 1                                           17601 San Carlos Blvd

Fort Myers ,Florida 33907                                                 FT Myers Beach Fl 33931

Phone 239-936-6144                                                          239-466-6042

Email                                                          Email-

The following is a list of homes offered for sale within the Bayside community by their owners.


Bayside is a resident owned 55 and older mobile home community located behind Hurricane Bay and Estero Island in Ft Myers Beach, Fla. Most of the homes are canal front, and residents of waterfront homes can dock their boat in back of their homes. Bayside is pet friendly, up to two dogs. Prior to purchasing, all potential owners should be sure to review the rules and regulations for Bayside Estates. These may be obtained from the current owner.

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